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Kotinos Critical Skills

Kotinos Critical Skills is a game-changing training programme that goes beyond traditional methods to ensure your managers reach their full potential. Developed in association with world-class international rugby referee Alain Rolland, our workshops are distinctive in both what we cover and how we teach, ensuring real learning on the part of participants – and real impact on the performance of their organisations.

Kotinos Critical Skills was founded in 2014 as a business unit of Kotinos Partners, a top-tier advisory firm with a singular focus on high performance. From its base in Dublin, Ireland, Kotinos Partners work with blue-chip clients across Europe and North America to deliver rapid, transformational performance improvement using proprietary research. The scope of Kotinos’ practice spans strategy, organisational design and leadership.

The high performance research and experience that underpin Kotinos’ practice are the bedrock of the Critical Skills programme.

Kotinos Critical Skills is a game-changing training programme that goes beyond traditional methods to ensure your managers reach their full potential.

Kotinos Critical Skills approach is grounded in over ten years’ research and experience in the field of high performance.

Our workshop on Managing Challenging Relationships gives managers the critical skills required to dissolve tensions and manage conflict. International rugby referee Alain Rolland explores some of his most challenging moments on the field to give managers a greater understanding of how to cope with difficult relationships and situations.



Our programme focuses on the skills managers need to perform in today’s challenging environment. We home in on key gaps identified by business leaders.

KOTINOS CRITICAL SKILLS TRAINING PROGRAMME We offer five one-day training modules facilitated by our team of business and High Performance experts.

The modules can be delivered individually or as part of a tailored programme to reflect the needs of your organisation.

Managing Challenging Relationships – Helping managers deal with tensions and manage conflict within their teams

Creating Conversations for Performance – Implementing true feedback-rich cultures to fuel sustained High Performance

Building Resilience & Coping with Pressure – Harnessing pressure as a positive force to improve individual and team performance in the face of adversityProblem Solving & Innovation – Solving problems faster and more effectively, and creating a culture of innovation

Decision Making – Driving team performance by making more effective decisions, faster

AP Partners

With his extensive business Management experience Alain has teamed up with AP Partners – and helped developed a motivational strategy management programme.

Alain has also been active as a motivational speaker for companies in both Ireland and overseas covering topics for goal setting, positive attitude, self belief, focus and lessons of learning from mistakes and failures .

Based in Ireland for over twelve years, AP Partners accompanies large and small businesses in their managerial development.
As each participant shares a practical vision of their business, the transformation is carried by the team. With the method and tools of empowerment, they can implement their action plan

Alains presentation style deals with the attributes of leadership, teambuilding, success and failure, the challenges of risk and decision making, commitment and taking responsibility.

Alain’s Motivational presentations and courses deal with real life examples and provides practical advice based on his own personal experiences both on and off the pitch.

Stimulating and encouraging Alain’s style of presentation and practical advice  sets him apart and a great source of motivation for anyone wanting to be successful.

Kitman Consultant – Business Accelerator

Kitman Labs is made up of passionate, experienced, hard working individuals. Together, they form a formidable team, working hard to bring the world’s best research in sports science combined with the latest technologies in machine learning, statistical analysis, and computer vision to improve athlete performance and reduce injury risk.

Alain Rolland brings his experience in professional rugby to a further level by introducing this latest technology to further and measure athlete performance and reduce injury risk. His passion lies in identifying the potential self-development opportunities for not just for the player but also their Rugby development programmes & processes.

Motivational Company Presentations

As a Business and Motivational Consultant Alain has a range of approaches that will up skill your management and sales teams with the class leading skills to excel and get the most  out of your employees. His expertise with 25 years in management and running an independent mortgage brokerage firm for 17 years while employing as many as 25 people at its peak, will assist any company to increase its bottom line.
“Passionate about delivering real benefits and exceeding customer expectations, I am commercially driven with an innate ability to stay calm under pressure. I enjoy leading teams through inspirational, supportive and developmental management.
Business success requires today’s managers to have robust competencies that allow them develop teams and individuals who are motivated and engaged to deliver better performance and results –  things that really make a difference to a company’s bottom line” says Alain.