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Business and Motivational Consultant

As a Business Consultant Alain has a range of approaches that will up skill your management and sales teams with the class leading skills to excel and get the most out of your employees. His expertise with 25 years in management and running an independent mortgage brokerage firm for 17 years while employing as many as 25 people at its peak, will assist any company to increase its bottom line.

“Passionate about delivering real benefits and exceeding customer expectations, I am commercially driven with an innate ability to stay calm under pressure. I enjoy leading teams through inspirational, supportive and developmental management.

Business success requires today’s managers to have robust competencies that allow them develop teams and individuals who are motivated and engaged to deliver better performance and results –  things that really make a difference to a company’s bottom line” says Alain.

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Rugby Refereeing and Team Consultant

In his role as a referee consultant, Alain is striving to meet the needs of rugby referees, teams, unions and coaches to help them confront all the challenges, to be better communicators with players and officials, to eliminate unforced errors and manage their way through the high pressures of a game.

His expertise and communication skills will help enormously in developing the next generation of elite referees. Alain’s commitment and ability serve as a real example to all those aspiring to referee at the highest level.

Given his extensive international referee experience at the highest level Alain has already taken on the role of one to one mentoring. This has successfully provided new insights, uncovered issues and problem solving and identified areas for improvement to aspiring referees.

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